In the last year, the Wellness Movement has made major strides in Nackawic. The town has rallied together to take home the title of Wellness Community of New Brunswick 2013!

Gail Farnsworth, member of town council and charged with leading the council’s Wellness Committee, is proud of her town’s success. “With the majority of residents over the age of fifty-five, it was important for people to get motivated and take their health into their own hands. People need to realize that wellness is their own responsibility, and to take a more active role. We’re living longer and it’s up to us to be able to enjoy it!”

Gail says that small steps drive bigger change. The town Wellness Committee has put on a wide variety of wellness sessions, including Yoga, internet security and courses on healthier eating. The Yoga information session was so popular that it has evolved into a regular course which is very popular around town!

Great leadership and community champions serve as great motivation, but Nackawic couldn’t have won the Wellness Community of New Brunswick 2013 title without community members taking it upon themselves to participate. Groups such as the Nackawic Bend Ski Club, Knitting Club, Over 50 Exercise, the Lion’s Club and many others were instrumental in Nackawic’s success. The Learn to Run Program ran a program meeting once a week with scheduled exercise sessions teaching interested parties about running. The program wrapped up with the Run the River Race that had more than 175 participating runners put on by more than 40 volunteers.

The energy felt as a result of the Wellness Movement in the community has been tremendously positive. Residents are taking control of their lives and making wellness a priority, making healthier decisions and improving their health. The online registration process has allowed participants to connect with their families and the groups that they are part of to take that first step; seeing that their friends and neighbors are participating has encouraged many to believe in themselves and take action!

The town has lots planned for next year, including looking at offering a women’s self-defense course. The community, with all of its partners is excitedly planning how they will use their wellness grant prize to maintain their momentum and keep the ball rolling for wellness in Nackawic!