“Couch to 5K” at Miramichi Valley High School

The staff at Miramichi Valley High School worked together to improve their wellness by preparing for a 5K. For 9 weeks, the staff were emailed the “Couch to 5K” running program with an update of what the current week required. Staff were encouraged to meet Monday and Wednesday after school, to follow the running program together. As the 9 weeks went on, staff members were asked to sign a pledge form which stated “I Commit to participating in the MV Staff 5K”. When the date got closer, some staff purchased t-shirts. On the day of the 5K, there were 52 participants, which included Teachers, Educational Assistants, and Custodians. Some staff members that were unable to participate were asked to help with photos, timing, and driving around with a megaphone to keep us motivated!! It was a great team building activity. Those who participated were very proud of their accomplishment!