The Dr. V.A. Snow Centre

For a number of years, staff at The Dr. V.A. Snow Centre nursing home has been active in community wellness and awareness initiatives, having repeatedly won the Relay for Life in Hampton. In the fall of 2011, the management at the Centre looked into what wellness initiatives could be offered at work to enhance the wellness of their staff.

They decided to offer a gym subsidy to all employees. Smokers were offered a 3 month free gym membership if they were willing to try to quit smoking. All other employees were offered gym memberships at half price. Roughly a dozen staff participated in the offer, with another individual requesting subsidized karate lessons, which management was happy to support.

After Christmas, management, at the request of a staff member, offered subsidized Weight Watchers memberships as well.

Between the two initiatives, impressive results have been seen. More than 400 pounds have been lost by staff, and people are making lasting positive lifestyle changes as a result of participating. There has been a tangible reduction in sick days, and a boost in morale. Participants feel great about their success and while motivation is high, the Centre plans to continue offering these incentives.