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Get Enough

A comprehensive website focused on encouraging Canadians to consume the recommended amount of dairy products per day. It includes information on serving sizes, myths & realities, tips to getting enough dairy products through the day, and tools like recipe ideas and videos. You can also download their Get Enough Helper App, to track your portions servings of all 4 food groups from your mobile device!

Dairy Farmers of Canada

Go NB – Grant Program

The Go NB grant is designed to strengthen physical literacy and reduce barriers to sport participation for children and youth, with a particular focus on under-represented populations. Provincial and Local Sport organizations, municipalities, non-profits and First Nations are all eligible for this grant. The objectives of this program are two-fold:

a) Supporting projects that strengthen physical literacy and children and youth participation that
are compatible with the first three stages of Canadian Sport for Life: Active Start, FUNdamentals
and Learn to Train.

b) Supporting projects that provide opportunities for persons from under-represented and/or
marginalized populations to actively participate in sport. Under-represented groups include:
Aboriginal youth, persons with a disability, women and girls and economically disadvantaged

New Brunswick Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture - Sport and Recreation Branch

Grant Connect

Grant Connect is a bilingual database with detailed, searchable information on thousands of major organizations that offer grants to charitable groups. Grant Connect is typically a subscription-based service. However, community groups and organizations in New Brunswick can consult the database at no cost in any of the five resource centres or submit their question online for a technician to do the research for them and contact them with the results.

New Brunswick Public Libraries

Guide to Becoming a Non-Smoker for Young Adults

No matter how near or far you are from your goal of quitting smoking, this booklet will help you figure out what you want to do and provide the information you need to move forward. The steps are simple, and will help you quit smoking and resist the urge to start again by arming you with the skills, facts and motivation needed.

Health Canada

Guide to Planning an Action Strategy for Healthier Local Public Policy

A guide intended for a wide range of community stakeholders—community and interest groups, social workers, coalitions, organizations, municipal employees and officials, residents—anyone looking for more effective action strategies for getting involved in drafting and implementing healthy public policy at the local (i.e., municipal) level.

This Guide was created as a collaborative effort from organizations in different provinces. We recommend contacting BC Healthy Communities for information.

Healthy Eating

Tips and resources to help you understand better the Canadian Food Guide, and how to implement its recommendations in your meal planning. Provides concrete examples of the size of food servings and tips for eating on a budget and coping with a busy lifestyle.

The Mapleton Teaching Kitchen program

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Coalition (HEPAC)

An organization committed to working collaboratively to support the creation of environments in NB that promote healthy eating and physical activity. HEPAC helps strengthen the ability of New Brunswickers to impact the wellness levels in their communities through professional development and networking opportunities, improved access to evidence-based information and best practices resources, tools and support.

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Coalition (HEPAC)

Healthy Learners in School Program

This program develops and supports health promotion efforts that involve all areas of health, including physical, emotional and social health; preventing injury and disease; supporting healthy decision-making and behaviours which will last into adulthood; and encouraging successful learning.

New Brunswick Department of Health

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body – brochure

This information is part of the New Brunswick Dental Society’s campaign to remind New Brunswickers that a healthy mouth is important at every age, and to reinforce the idea that good oral health can help with good overall health. It is aimed at families and seniors in particular, because as we get older, our mouth changes as our body changes. The brochure provide details about the changes you can expect to see in your mouth and teeth and gives some tips to maintain a beautiful, youthful-looking smile. Copies are also available at local pharmacies across the province. A poster of the campaign is also available by clicking HERE.

New Brunswick Dental Society - Seniors