Assess your current situation and needs

The following key actions are recommended for this step:

  • Complete an analysis of your workplace to determine where you are now compared to where you want to be on your workplace wellness journey. Discussing and examining what assets and strengths you already have, and identifying ways to build on those assets brings people together in creating the positive change you are working toward.
  • Understand your organization’s readiness for the change to your new approach and creating a wellness-supporting environment. Review and discuss the results of your readiness assessment with employees to help you identify how open the people in your organization are to adopting new practices. Use what you’ve learned to set realistic goals and timelines for your workplace wellness plan that fit with your culture.
  • Determine both your long-term and short-term wellness goals and objectives based on the information you’ve gathered. Ensure your strategic goals address what was identified in your organization’s evaluation of its readiness for change and that your objectives help you build on the existing strengths of your people and the assets of your organization.

Find more information, tools and resources to help you below:


Workplace Wellness Case Studies by the Conference Board of Canada