Secure Approval for your Workplace Wellness Plan

The following key actions are recommended for this step:

  • Present the workplace wellness plan to your senior leaders for approval.
  • Highlight how employee health, safety and well-being outcomes and organizational results are linked; how the activities planned will help achieve positive results; the roles of management and employees and the new practices required to achieve the proposed workplace wellness goals.
  • Discuss and confirm how your senior leaders will demonstrate their commitment and support for workplace wellness in the organization
  • Make any adjustments required to your plan based on your senior leader’s recommendations.
  • Communicate the approval of the final plan to all of your stakeholders
  • Create an opportunity for your senior leaders to announce the workplace wellness plan and in doing so, recognize the contribution of those involved in preparing the plan, reinforce why the organization is committed to workplace wellness, share the key activities being implemented to help create a wellness-supporting environment, and encourage employee participation

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