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The Workplace Wellness Movement is a partnership of workplaces and stakeholders in New Brunswick who collaborate to promote and encourage efforts to build a healthy New Brunswick where together we learn, work, play and live in a culture of wellness. The Workplace Wellness Movement aims to support employers and employees like you to become more aware of the workplace wellness resources that are available to help you make positive changes in your workplace.

This workplace wellness web section is unique in Atlantic Canada. Conveniently access useful health, safety and wellness related resources, articles, posters, guides, research reports, templates, webinars, and more.

All suggested resources were reviewed by the NB Workplace Wellness Advisory Committee, comprised of experienced workplace wellness professionals from across NB. To be included, resources must be appropriate, reliable, useful, up-to-date, and come from credible sources.

So go ahead and explore. Learn more about the resources available to you. Connect what you’ve learned to the needs and business objectives of your organization. Talk to your colleagues about wellness in your workplace and work together to start or enhance your comprehensive wellness initiatives. Then, share your story so others can learn from you and be inspired to start their own journey.

We are all part of the Workplace Wellness Movement!


Workplace Wellness: A Roadmap for your Journey

Getting started? Enhancing your programs? No matter where you are on your journey, the Roadmap provides a step-by-step guide and links to resources to help you create and sustain a culture of wellness in your workplace.


Workplace Wellness: A Comprehensive Approach

Explore examples of programs, interventions and activities to help you implement a comprehensive workplace wellness approach that focuses on enabling a healthy workplace culture, sustaining a safe work environment, and supporting employee wellness practices.


Additional Learning Opportunities

Learn more about workplace wellness through podcasts and webinars, relevant publications, and stories of successful workplace wellness initiatives in New Brunswick.

This portal is a live, collaborative space. Lend a hand to help populate it! If you know of an interesting, helpful workplace wellness resource that you don’t see here, send it along!
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