Everything is Well

Our school is constantly enriching our staff and students’ lives through offering a variety of programs. Our breakfast programs are second to none, inlcuding at least 3 food groups every day. Our breakfast programs are not just about healthy eating. Our students converse positively with staff and other students. They eat healthy foods and learn about a variety of options to get in all food groups. Once a year, in March, we have school-wide taste testing. Every day for a week, we offer snacks from each food group. Students have the opportunity to try foods that they normally wouldn”t try or have access to.

We have anti-bullying programs, self-esteem workshops, hygiene presentations, and a variety of physical activities throughout the year.

On the last Friday before March Break, we are having a Breakfast of Champions where every student is celebrated as a champion in their own right.

In April, we celebrate the earth with our Lights Out Breakfast. Older students are paired with younger students to enjoy a cold breakfast that takes absolutely no power. We even eat in the dark. In the month of June, we are hoping to have a school-wide, community-wide family picnic day with great, nutritious food, lots of physical activity, and lots of socialization. Our students are learning that being well in all aspects of their lives is the most important thing to consider every day.