Building Regional Approaches

We had a dream of being able to bring all the provincial and regional players together to get to know and understand each other better and then talk about how we might collaborate to meet our common goals and better serve our communities.

This page will:

  • Provide an opportunity for key partners and regional groups to share their mandates and core priorities which influence regional work
  • Increase knowledge and skills for developing trust and engaging relationships with core partners
  • Have access to and practice a variety of tools and resources which build trust and engagement
  • Engage regional partners in a dialogue about how to work collectively to advance community outcomes

Critical time for this approach:

  • There are more players than ever before with similar mandates that have teams working at the regional and provincial level doing community development work.
  • Players have been doing this work for a long time and have been intentionally collaborating through practices like regional Breakfast Clubs
  • Others are new to the playing field, trying to figure out their mandates and could really benefit from the experience and relationships other stakeholders can offer
  • Time of fiscal restraint making it even more important to work together, create new partnerships, avoid duplication, be flexible and adaptable
  • Vital that teams can demonstrate impact – measure work that is hard to measure

Tools and Resources Relating to Building Regional Approaches

Additional Useful Resources

List of Provincial Organizations

Several groups, organizations and coalitions in New Brunswick operate at the provincial level in the delivery of wellness-related mandates. This list aims to support people in connecting with pertinent potential partners, or simply expand their knowledge of the province’s organizational landscape as it relates to wellness stakeholders.

Inspiring Wellness Stories

One of the missions of The Wellness Movement is to bring light to some inspiring individuals or initiatives in New Brunswick, to help celebrate these Wellness Champions and inspire others. Visit this section to view Featured Stories, developed through The Wellness Movement initiative, or browse through the Shared Stories, submitted by wellness champions from across the province.

Have a success story about an individual, group, initiative or event in your area? Use the Story Submission Form to send it in and publish it is the Shared Stories section! CLICK HERE  to view the form.

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