Synergies Chaleur

Young adults in the Chaleur region were finding a lack of opportunities to meet and mingle, so they decided to take action, and Synergies Chaleur was born. Created to serve as a social group for young adults in the region, networking lies at the heart of Synergies’ many activities. Synergies Chaleur provides an opportunity and reason for members to get together and chat, mingle and participate in various organized activities, creating a new sense of community amongst its members. Physical activities often accompany the networking sessions, with indoor softball, snowshoeing, mackerel fishing and paintball among the activities organized over the last year.

Feedback has been amazing. Members are tremendously happy with the group, and Synergies Chaleur is seen as an open and welcoming organization, attracting members of all job sectors and educational backgrounds. Unlike similar groups in the province that tend to target young professionals, Synergies Chaleur has a broad membership base with members ranging from students, to trades-people, to young professionals and those in-between jobs.

Synergies Chaleur plans to continue with its wide variety of activities and community efforts, and Wellness initiatives – both physical and mental – will continue to play a major role in future events.