Evaluate your Workplace Wellness Plan

  • Evaluate on a regular basis and monitor your progress using the methods established in your plan
  • Compare your baseline data with your post-activity or program results and prepare brief descriptions of the findings to help share them with others
  • Evaluate the overall success of the wellness committee structure, management’s contribution to daily wellness-supporting practices and your wellness plan in meeting your goals.
  • Prepare information to demonstrate the actual Return on Investment (ROI) for workplace wellness, any other benefits to employee health, safety and wellness and the overall performance of the organization
  • Measure the success of the people and organizational change strategies you’ve used to maintain a positive work environment during your transition and establish workplace wellness as an integral part of your organization
  • Determine recommendations such as, what to stop doing, change, keep and start doing, as you continue on your workplace wellness journey
  • Report the findings and recommendations to your senior leaders and confirm their commitment for continued investment in workplace wellness
  • Communicate the results of your evaluation, the recommendations and approved next steps with all stakeholders
  • Continue your workplace wellness planning including revising the plan and establishing new objectives, as needed, with your stakeholders

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Workplace Wellness Case Studies by the Conference Board of Canada